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Recruiting 101

Q&A about Recruiting.  

When can college baseball coaches contact recruits?

One of the most frequent questions we get is,When can college baseball coaches talk to me? The answer is that it depends on the division level. Division 1 coaches cannot contact athletes before September 1 of their junior year. Phone calls from Division 2 coaches may occur on or after June 15 after the athletes junior year. These calls are limited to one per week. There are no restrictions regarding phone calls from coaches at the Division 3, NAIA and NJCAA levels, but typically they wait until an athletes junior year.

When can I contact a college coach?

Student-athletes are allowed to call or email a college coach at any time, but NCAA baseball recruiting rules restrict when and how a coach can respond.

When can a Division 1 coach contact me?

In April 2018, the NCAA instituted new Division 1 recruiting rules to cut back on the growing number of early offers coaches extend to recruits.

  • Official visits: Student-athletes can begin taking official visits beginning Sept. 1 of their high school junior year. Previously, official visits were not allowed until the recruits senior year.
  • Unofficial visits: College athletic departments including coaches are not permitted to be involved in a student-athletes unofficial visits prior to Sept. 1 of their high school junior year. Before the rule change, underclassmen could take advantage of an unofficial visit to possibly get an early verbal scholarship offer. Under the new rules, should a recruit happen to come into contact with a coach on campus during an unofficial visit, no recruiting conversations can take place.
  • Camps: Recruiting conversations are forbidden between recruits and college coaches during camps prior to Sept. 1 of the athletes junior year of high school. Before this new rule, coaches and underclassmen were not prohibited from talking about recruiting. There was nothing to stop coaches from extending a verbal scholarship offer to recruits.

Division 1 baseball recruiting calendar

Contact Period: College coaches may have in-person contact with student-athletes and their parents on or off campus. Coaches may also visit their high school or watch them compete. Campus visits by the recruit and their parents are also allowed. Coaches may write and phone during this period:

Dead Period: At no time may a college coach have in-person contact on or off campus with student-athletes and/or their parents. The coach may write or telephone during this period:

Quiet Period: A college coach is not allowed to have any in-person contact with a student-athlete or their parents off the college campus. They also may not watch them compete or visit their high school. Coaches may write or telephone during this period and student-athletes and their parents may visit a college campus during this time:

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